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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wars - who are the enemies?

Wars have been disrupting and degrading society while damaging the infrastructure of civilization for millennia. It is one of the deleterious features of the operation of our society. This feature has been fostered by political, religious, racial and social animosity. But it also has also been fostered by those people and concerns that have gained by providing the implements of war and the postwar reconstruction. Ironically, countries and communities that have been bitter enemies at one time have often become friends at a later stage - and vice versa!

Societies have been very adroit in finding enemies (and friends) for a variety of reasons. Yet, ironically, society has never officially declared war on Mother Nature (Gaia) even though they have being do their utmost to ravish her for their selfish purposes for millennia. Money has been the tool for this divestment of the  natural material wealth of humanity's life support system. It has fostered the unsustainable growth of the population of parasitic humans. It has fostered the unsustainable growth of the technological infrastructure of civilization (Tityas) by the irreversible of some of Mother Nature's natural wealth.

But fiat money does not take into account the consequences of the ravishing that it has encouraged. So society will have the pay the price of treating Mother Nature as the enemy. She is slowly responding to the aggression of the parasites and the damage being done by their tools. She will win the undeclared war and the surviving parasites will find it hard to adapt as they lose the capabilities of Tityas (their aging infrastructure.)

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