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Monday, May 19, 2014

decisions amok

Billions of people are making a multitude of decisions about physical activities every day. Some are the mundane associated with every day life. Others have a significant impact on the future behavior of communities and of systems. Some decisions are good and some are bad. In combination they have a tremendous influence of what is happening at a range of levels from how they affect the individual up to the global impact.The range and weight of the impact depends on many circumstances. Listing some of these provides insight into what humans are arranging with their decisions.
  • when and what to eat - smart people stick to a routine and eat reasonable amounts of good food - unwise people over eat of fast food - however, many people have little choice and have to make do
  • when and what to drink - smart people ensure they consume adequate amounts of a mix of liquids appropriate to the occasions - unwise people too often go overboard on alcoholic beverages - however, many people find it hard to get potable water
  • what drugs to take - smart people take them only when deemed necessary by medical advisers - unwise people take them because they like the short term benefits and discount the long term side effects - however, many people are not in the position to be tempted
  • what housing - smart people live in reasonable homes in convenient locations  - the elite show off their position by living in McMansions that they cannot really afford or manage - however, many billions around the globe get by as best they can with unsatisfactory shelter
  • what facilities to have in the home - many people take water supply, cooking facilities, toilets, heating, air-conditioning, communication and entertainment facilities for granted - however, many people have access to few of the facilitators of a comfortable life style
  • how to cope with diseases - inoculations and medications help many people overcome natural diseases - however, there is no means to overcome the insidious disease affecting many people, too much money 

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