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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Predators demise

The powerful elite have throughout history used their leverage to ensure the masses support their lavish life style by reaping what nature provides while just managing to cope themselves. These elite have been and continue to be predators by deriving most of their fellows of sustenance while fostering the ravishing of the life support system. Industrialization has speeded up that process and the associated irreversible ravishing of the environment. The elite claim that the increase in intangible (monetary) wealth will trickle down to the masses has occurred to a very limited extent. The rapid decrease in tangible natural wealth is taken into account by only those few who have an understanding of the unsustainable reality of the ecological cost of constructing, operating and maintaining the infrastructure of civilization during its limited life time.

Natural wealth, including the stock of oil, is declining rapidly now. Industry is pulling out all stops in a valiant attempt to offset this influence of natural forces by harnessing other ones, regardless of the ecological cost. The elite, with the aid of the duped minions will continue to foster their predatorial activities only so long as they can away with the raping of the eco system. The growing positive feedback, including climate change, with ensure this unsustainable process will not continue beyond this century, which will be called the Devastation Century by the surviving Homo sapiens.  

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Two worlds

Stephen Hawking, the renowned scientist, discussed in a TV presentation the role of the human mind. In his view, the world exists in the human mind. His view is understandable as he has used his mind to obtain understanding of cosmic developments from the Big Bang. It is a common view as most people think in terms of their personal experience and what they are aware of through the various forms of education and communication. That is their subjective world, Myopia, and it governs the decisions they make.

 The subjective world is a myopic, intangible world developed by Homo sapiens by their limited understanding of how the tangible Real materialistic world  has operated for eons. This other world, the objective world has been run by natural.forces during evolution of Gaia, runs what is happening now as the edifice of civilization, Tityas, grows and will continue to run operations after the demise of this materialistic civilization, which has been built on unsustainable foundations.

It is fascinating that everyone accepts that they operate in two modes yet they believe that the world essentially operates in one. They know that they can decide in their mind to eat and their mind has a degree of control of the eating process. But the body takes over the central role. Metabolism controls digestion as part of the functioning of the body mode throughout its lifetime. The rich can be more selective of their food and benefit from better health care but their demise is as certain as it is for the poor.

The operation of civilization, Tityas, is no different in principle to that of any organism. People (the mind) make decisions about doing what is possible. Money has a major influence on the decision process. Natural forces (metabolism) alone determines what subsequently happens. Money does not make the rich immortal. Money will not stop the senescence of civilization as many natural resources run out.

Society will continue to live in their dream world, Myopia, only until Real sends sufficient calls to wake them up to what has gone wrong. Climate change and declining supplies of energy, food and water are already providing symptoms of the holistic malaise to the rapacious hordes. They will find it hard to power down as the cities and other components of Tityas crumble due to lack of the natural resources needed  for their operation and maintenance.