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Saturday, June 30, 2012

What lies ahead

Many Australians must be wondering what lies ahead as they grapple with rising prices of water, food and energy. They are being told that the economy is sound as they have to cope with these prices as the values of their homes plummet. Informed people know that Greeks, Spaniards, Portuguese, Irish, British and even Americans are having a harder time with many being unemployed and workers demonstrating. They are not reassured by the blathering of the state and federal politicians about the carbon tax to slow greenhouse gas emissions. They are learning that climate change is irreversible even if the global rate of emissions decreases rapidly, which is most unlikely.

The stark reality is that the mining industry is making vast profits by selling Australia's mineral wealth to all and sundry, but primarily the Chinese, while the ability of the dry continent to produce food in what remains of its fertile soil. The multitudes in the cities have reason to wonder what they should do to cope with the difficult times ahead.

"The way ahead" in the ebook "Gaia and Tityas. what Homo sapiens have done" provides some advice stemming from what knowledgeable have been advocating on the internet. The G&SC spreadsheet and associated Issues and FQA on this site provides systematic consideration of the issues with the intention of providing insight into what is likely to happen.