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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Power of money

Money flow currently powers the operation of economies. That is an indisputable fact. Knowledgeable people have pointed out for many years that the economic growth promoted by the flow of money is an unsustainable materialistic process. But that dose of reality decrying the delusion that money flow creates progress when the ecological cost is not taken into account has had very little impact on operations to this stage. Money still powers economic growth despite the booms and busts. Society is not prepared to allow the dose of reality to spoil the materialistic benefits of economic growth. Wise use of the remaining natural material resources is not on the agenda of those who have the leverage of money backing.

An aged billionaire learned that his health problem was due to an ailing kidney. He paid a large amount for a kidney replacement operation. That gave him another year of life!

If society should unexpectedly absorb the dose of reality, the power of money can help ease the inevitable powering down by society as natural resources become beyond reach and the existing irrevocably infrastructure ages. The belief that economic growth was sustainable will have died as people realize that nature bats last.  .

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