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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Complexity of civilization

The rapidly increasing complexity of the operations of our civilization has both beneficial and detrimental influence on the decisions made by people (the Paras) and on what happens in the operation of the aging technological systems of Tityas and the enduring natural systems of Gaia. The increase in complexity results in a decrease in resilience.

Many aged people live in high rise apartments with installed heating and air conditioning systems making life comfortable all the year round - until failure of the electrical grid.Going up and down the stairs because the elevators are out would be beyond them! Many people living in New York found this out the hard way when Super Storm hit.

Cars now have many features that ease travel but reduce the ability of the owner to fix problems.

 iPods have had the beneficial effect for many people of improving their access to information but in many instances some of the information is conflicting so confusing to the user. And iPods are made of irreplaceable material, age and need electricity.So those people addicted to their use will suffer withdrawal problems in due course.

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