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Monday, January 28, 2013


It has become common in discussions of the financial scene to condemn the failure of 'zombies' to contribute to the economy. Investors regard those who do not contribute directly as zombies because they cost money without contributing to the creation of wealth. Aged people on pensions and using subsidized health care, the unemployed who are paid benefits and the disabled are non-productive so, zombies. But the real zombies as far as as the money people are concerned are the bureaucrats who monitor the regulations that inhibit the businesses that produce the goods they sell to consumers to make money.

That attitude is typical of business people who are out to make a profit while externalizing as many of the costs that they can get away with. They avoid taxes as far as possible as they publicly decry the support the use of taxes to pay zombies while they make use of roads and infrastructure provided by the government. Business people do not like the zombie bureaucrats because they invoke regulations that stifle the abilities of commercial operations to take unfair advantage of the consumers.

Investors have a similar outlook. They aim to make more money and condemn any measure that restricts the profitability of the firms they pick. Their money is expected to work for them.

Politicians have to be very careful who gain from their policies. Even the pensioners, unemployed and disabled cast votes so cannot be ignored. The monetary influence of business cannot be ignored either. So politicians have to appear to balance on a tight rope to stay in office.

The community at large believes it has the right to to use up natural resources wastefully, degrade the environment and destroy biodiversity in their pursuit of a high material standard of living. Businesses lead the way in  promoting that unsustainable process. Politicians just respond carefully.

Who then are the real 'zombies'? Businesses lead the way in destroying society's life support system so they 'deserve' to head the list. Investors are zombies who often use the leverage of their money to support ravishing. Consumers are also high on the list as they are happy to buy stuff if they can afford them even though there will be little left for future generations. Politicians are zombies of a different kind. They are well paid representatives of the people who just tag along as they wish to avoid being cast aside.

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