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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I am old and my time is drawing to a close . Family and friends may lament my passing but it will not be a noteworthy event in the affairs of society. On the other hand, Tityas is in its senescence, unbeknown to most, and its demise this century is certain, to the mortification of its denizens, rich and poor, but particularly for the latter. Tityas is the vast organism consisting of cities and associated infrastructure and machines that provides the goods and services of the demanding human population. Many of the survivors  of the demise of Tityas will lament the disintegration of the cities and the disappearance of most of the services on which they had become so dependent. They will have to learn how to make do with only those services that Gaia has provided for ages. Gaia is the vast natural organism that has evolved over eons and will continue to do so after Tityas’ demise, despite the harm done by Tityas. Billions of those born in undeveloped countries will not survive Tityas’ decline because of lack of food, potable water, sanitation and basic health services that money provides.

I am a registered organ donor so that when I pass on some of those parts of my body that are still functioning can be used to boost the health of ailing people. It is doubtful that my brain will be used in that manner. That is a pity as I have garnered appreciable understanding of what society has done wrong. I know why the demise of Tityas is certain.  Ironically, the vast amount of my writing on this subject is stored electronically so it has no brighter future than my brain! All the electronic gear that is the latest boom of the young of society is made using aptly named rare earth materials and has the limited lives common to all technological systems.

Tityas is unwisely growing exponentially at this stage as it feeds on declining natural material capital under the stimulus of the flow of intangible fiat money. Cities are sprouting up in the developing countries while the old-time leaders, London, Paris, Rome, Athens, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo struggle to keep up in their senescence.  The concentrated energy from fossil fuels that has been Tityas’ life blood in its adolescence has come at the unforeseen cost of causing rapid climate change and has had numerous other unintended consequences. The emerging decline in the availability of energy and numerous irreplaceable material resources will hasten the aging of the many components of the infrastructure that comprises Tityas. What use will skyscrapers be when there is not enough electricity to power their elevators? Traffic congestion on freeways will become a past nightmare due not only to the declining availability of fuel but cars are made out of materials that are also running out.

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