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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aging of Tityas

The biological aging of organisms is an acknowledged fact even though the controlling  mechanism is not well understood by even the experts. Birth, growth, senescence and demise is the lot of all animate organisms from cells, to mice, to humans, to elephants, to whales with the time scales varying tremendously.
Tityas is the name I have given to the vast, inanimate infrastructure of civilization. It is the collection of technological systems that uses energy and materials to provide society with goods and services during their inevitably limited life times. They range from power grids to pipelines to skyscrapers to aircraft carriers to container vessels to airliners to sewerage systems to air conditioners to heating systems to TV to iPhones and many other familiar systems. They all made of largely irreplaceable materials (some can be recycled by using energy and materials) and while energy flow does positive work during their operation, various forms of friction do the negative work that is the aging of the systems. This aging process is common knowledge and maintenance procedures are routinely carried out on individual systems to limit that deleterious activity but only whilst the necessary energy and materials (also money and skilled personnel) are available.
Therefore, the irrevocable aging of Tityas is an ongoing process that is using up the limited natural material resources, including the fossil fuels, while producing immutable waste material causing such problems as climate disruption and ocean warming and acidification. After the growth powered by the fossil fuels and nuclear of recent centuries, Tityas is now moving into its senescence due to the increasing difficulty of obtaining its nutrients, such as oil.
So while there is lack of understanding of the aging process in animate organisms, the irrevocable aging of inanimate Tityas is a continuing understandable process that will lead to the demise of many of its organs in the near future. Society will find it hard to cope with the deleterious impact on Tityas as the services it has provided decline.
This is an irrefutable aspect of what will happen to industrialized civilization. How people will cope with this challenge is an open question. But a die off is certain due to a number of reasons, including starvation.

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