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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Free will

It is amusing the read the discussions of seemingly knowledgeable people about whether people exercise 'free will'. Many claim that people cannot exercise free will and they quote the constraints that determine that it is not free will.The only constraints on what I am typing now is that the computer system exists. I am free to express my opinion of 'free will'. You might think what I am writing is gibberish. You are free to write what you believe to be the case with respect to 'free will'.
Leonardo da Vinci doubtless had his beliefs about 'free will' as he was free to indulge his artistic creative ability centuries ago.

So, yes, there are boundaries to the 'free will' region. Physical, social, political, religious and economic constraints can define the boundaries of the region but individuals have the 'free will' within that region.Even a one-year-old child exercises a degree of 'free will' within its limited region. On the other hand, even a billionaire has a limit to his/her large 'free will' region and it will contract drastically late in life.

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