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Monday, January 6, 2014


One of the fascinating stories gracing media is the emergence of robotics, the field of expertise showing how clever they are in devising robots that emulate human operations in some respects. The Japanese seem to be leading the field by showing off a number of forms.

Robotics had been the subject of science fiction writing for decades with Asimov being the outstanding author. But developers of artificial intelligence concepts several decades ago opened the way to programming mechanisms to operate in a manner simulating human operations in some regards. Many clever people around the globe are getting on to the robotic band wagon. Competitions are being held to find which of the latest versions have the greatest ability. At the same time, commentaors are advancing the hypothesis that robots will take over from humans in due course.

Quantum computing is an emerging field that is attracting many bright youngsters around the globe. It facilitates gaining understanding from vast amount of data. Ironically, despite the claims of its power, it cannot possibly predict the result of a coin toss or the holisic impact of friction in all relative motion of all gaseous, liquid or solid materials.

It certainly is an enthralling issue for those who do not understand the fundamental physical principles that doom the dreams of proponents of robotics to the dust bin in the not too distant future.

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