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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tityas raping Gaia

Gaia has evolved slowly over eons with the Sun providing most of the energy needed by the vast range of organisms and biological systems. The hydrological, carbon and nitrogen cycles have played a crucial role in this evolution. The occasional outburst of powerful natural forces promoted geological development. Movements of tectonic plates has caused earthquakes while the eruption of volcanoes has done much to improve the fertility of a number of regions. This is how Gaia developed for eons with the occasional missile from outer space causing a temporary disruption.

Then Homo sapiens developed to the stage when the tools they invented enabled the usage of natural resources to provide their developing needs and wants. Crustal stores of many minerals were found and there extraction has enabled the mining industry to make a major contribution to the increasing standard of living for millions of people around the globe. This ravishing of the eco systems has grown exponentially in recent times, largely because of the availability of 'cheap' energy from the fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) and uranium. Society has fallaciously regarded these natural resources as being free for its use. Industry has promoted the use of these natural forces and skilled workforce to build, operate and maintain the vast organism, Tityas, that provides the services that many people are addicted to using. Tityas is effectively ravishing Gaia to feed its rapid growth in recent times and will continue to do so in its coming senescence. However, the demise of much of Tiyas in coming decades is certain. Cars, airliners and container vessels are doomed species. Roads, bridges, pipelines, power grids, skyscrapers are just some of components of Tityas that will become derelict. Many cities will become virtually uninhabitable.

But it will take the natural forces of Gaia eons to recover from the devastation caused by Tityas.

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