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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tityas' addiction

Humankind has used nature's bounty to build the gigantic organism, Tityas, in recent times. Tityas is made up of the cities, roads, airports, bridges, tunnels, skyscrapers, sewers, electricity grids, power stations, water works and the other technologies that provide the populace with the goods and services they have become dependent on. Humankind welcomed the availability of that bounty created by natural forces over eons. The ability to freely use that bounty has been the lynch pin of the growth of Tityas. The divestment of this natural wealth is not taken into account in the affairs of society.

Tityas is now vast and still growing. It is addicted to using more of the natural bounty even as it runs out, with oil leading the way down. Tityas is entering into its senescence and will slowly disintegrate as the sustenance for its maintenance declines. Humankind will be bewildered by the withdrawal of what Tityas provided. It will eventually learn the reality that nature's bounty was not free and they will have to face up to the consequences.

The situation is akin to a bus heading out into the desert. The driver and his assistant discuss how well the bus is running and how fast it can go while the passengers look out the windows to take in the scenery. A youngster notices that the fuel gauge needle is in the red but her warning cries are ignored.

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